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Coco's'he Beauty offers hair color services that will leave you with flawless and charming hair. Our hair experts will help you achieve any color you want. We offer a full range of colour services from a full head of colour right through to balayages, ombres and highlights. All of our colour services are carried out by a team of professionals, who keep up to date with the very latest training, and use the industry’s finest colouring products and techniques on a daily basis.

The most popular and trending hair coloring techniques are;


Balayage is the technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair,creating a soft and and natural gradition of lightness towards the ends.The result is the look of summers spent at the Florida beaches,or the fresh perfect sunkissed dimension.This natural-looking highlighting technique is not just blondes, actually used on all shades of hair to add soft and perfect dimension.There are variations in different applications preferences.Due to the customized,natural-looking placement,balayage also allows for a softer looking new hair grow.


Reverse balayage basically means adding depth back into your hair by adding darker color tones into your hair.This helps make your highlights pop by adding contrast, and it's a great way for blondes who just want to go a little darker.reverse balayage is the reverse of that: Instead of focusing on the highlights and top layers, it's all about what's underneath: the lowlights and under-layers, and making them blend with the rest of your hair for a natural, lived-in look. "It's all about lowlights and tone, and adding contrast with darker, shadowy pieces underneath.


When it comes the hair coloring services,highlighting is a technique with which you are likely most familiar.If you're new to getting highlights know that there are lots of ways to highlight your hair and each technique can create a different look. Highlighting is a method of hair coloring that usually involves two processes to achieve one completed look. A lift or lightening proceee and the use of a toner (gloss/glaze) hair color is used to fill in where the natural color pigment has been removed.Toner can be 2-3 shades lighter than your base color,so for brunettes,they can range from  honey to golden to caramel .For redheads something in the strawberry blonde family is usualy gergeous,and for blondes they air on the side of bright-blonde and platinum.

**Prices depends on lengths and thickness of the hair.**


**What is the difference between balayage,highlight and ombre???

Here’s a summary of the main difference between balayage vs. highlights vs. ombre:

Highlights are lightened hair strands, which can be achieved using a few different techniques, including foils and balayage.

Balayage is a highlighting technique, but not exclusively. It tends to look more natural and requires less maintenance than traditional foil highlights.

Ombre is a dramatic, gradated look, which can be created using a balayage technique.

If you look at balayage vs highlights side by side, you’ll see that traditional highlights typically extend all the way to the roots, while balayage begins lower down on the shaft. When comparing balayage vs ombre, you’ll notice that balayage typically uses vertical placement for highlights, while ombre is marked by a more horizontal color change.