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Whether you have thin hair that you're looking to bulk up, short hair that you want to lengthen, or are just in the mood to swich up your hairstyle without the commitment of a more permanent change, hair extensions are a great choice. The topic of hair extensions is vast and complex. There are a variety of different types — like hand-tied extensions, microlinks hair extensions, tape-in extensions, clip-in hair extensions, and halo hair extensions, to name just a few. 

Professional hair extensions techniques applied by Cocoshe hair stylists are listed below.

Sew-in Weft Extensions:

Sew in weft hair extensions are a great option for those looking to add length, volume or thickness to their natural hair. Sew in weft hair extensions offer a range of benefits over other types of hair extensions such as clip-in, tape-in and micro ring methods.For example, sew-in wefts are less noticeable than the alternatives because they do not require any clips or glues that might damage your real strands. In addition, sew in weft extensions can be added by an experienced stylist who will match your natural color perfectly, so it blends seamlessly into your existing tresses. 

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-In extensions can be an excellent alternative for clients with really thin hair. To hold the extensions in place, double-sided adhesive is applied the base of a weft hair, and your natural hair is then sandwiched between the two extension tracks. Because the tape attaches to the scalp, there is no need for braids or clips. The process is a quick, easy and pain-free process. The Tape extension lies flat and comfortably in your hair, and look completely natural because they lie almost completely flat against the head.

 I-tip Extensions (Microlinks)

With the Micro Link technique, one small strand of extensions and an equivalent amount of your natural hair are linked together by a silicone based bead.Cocoshe hair stylists put your hair through the bead and it is clamped down to secure each extension to the hair. Micro Link extensions lay flat as if you are growing the hair directly from your roots, resulting in effortless blending and giving your hair the freedom to move more naturally than with wefts, clip-ins, etc.